Playmate Tri-Knob Screws

by Playmate
$ 5.99

Playmate Tri-Knob Screws

Playmate Ball Machines, Ball Mowers and Serve Lifts use two different Tri-Knob screws. The smaller sized handle is on the smaller diameter screw. Choose from the following two sizes, depending on your Playmate equipment.

Small 1/4" Diameter

  • Ball Mower handle
  • Serve Lift safety rod
  • Handle on older machines

Large 5/16" Diameter

  • Handle on the current ball machine

Please Note: A third and shorter type of tri-knob screw is used to attach the control box to the machine. Please contact us for more info or if you need assistance.

A Closer Look at the Playmate Tri-Knob Screws

Tri-Knob Screw on Playmate Ball Mower Handle
Detail of Ball Mower Handle
Tri-Knob Screw on Playmate Ball Machine Handle
Detail of Ball Machine Handle
Tri-Knob Screw on the Playmate Serve Lift Safety Rod
Detail of Serve Lift Safety Rod

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