Why a Ball Machine?

Playmate Tennis Ball Machines

As an amenity for a club

Any club administrator will tell you that a tennis ball machine will easily pay for itself as well as attract new members to your facility. Members want access to a tennis machine to use as a practice tool and hitting buddy; pros love having a machine around as a teaching aid. Active Sports sells only the best, most reliable machines that will offer your members and pros the most for the investment.

As a teaching tool

Teaching pros and coaches know how tiring it is to feed tennis balls to students hour after hour. A ball machine eliminates this by delivering the perfect ball every time, allowing you to focus on teaching form and technique. And paired with a serve lift, a ball machine allows students to practice one of the most difficult shots: the return serve. Regardless if you’re the coach of a well know tennis program at a major university, a tennis player that gives lessons on the side, or anything in between, there is a ball machine to fit your needs and price range. Let us help you find the best machine and give you the best price!

As a personal trainer

Whether it’s a portable that you can take to the local park or the most advanced iPhone controlled Playmate for your private court, a ball machine is a practice partner that will deliver you the perfect ball every time and never get tired! A ball machine will always give you a good workout and is always flexible to your schedule. It is good for all ages and skill levels. Bottom line, owning a ball machine will allow you to become that much better than your opponent!