Playmate iGenie Control Box

by Playmate
$ 2,495.00

Playmate iGenie Control Box

Upgrade your Chameleon Series Playmate ball machine. Turn your Smash or Deuce into a very powerful tool for teaching tennis by upgrading it with an iGenie control box. Realistic game situations with up to 7 shots can be practiced. Groups of students can practice drills such as ground-stroke, approach, lob to 2 lines feeding the balls every second. Or if you are practicing at home you can through two ground-strokes followed by an approach shot, followed by a volley, followed by a lob. Making the change is as easy as unplugging a single wire.

Features of the Playmate iGenie Control Box

  • 7 distinct programmable shots
  • 7 programmable shot delays
  • 7 programmable directions
  • 7 programmable elevations
  • Random sequence switch to simulate game situations
  • Variable topspin and backspin

Playmate Control Box Compatibility

  • Please note that the control boxes are only interchangeable within the Chameleon Series.
  • The Ace is not part of the Chameleon Series and will not accept upgrades.
  • All Chameleon Series ball machines will accept the iSmash control box.
  • The GrandSlam will accept all Chameleon boxes. However, no other machines can be upgraded to a GrandSlam.

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