ClayTech Hybrid Tennis Court

by Har-Tru

ClayTech Hybrid Surface

Clay Tech Hybrid Court SurfaceMore tennis courts are being converted to clay court systems than ever before in the history of tennis. That's because clay court tennis brings players more enjoyment and fewer injuries at every stage of life. Clay tennis courts allow tennis players to slide, which means they can play for as long and as often as they like without overstressing the knees, back and lower extremities.

Clay Tech Hybrid SurfaceNow there's a new clay tennis court surface that blends the sliding features of Har-Tru clay with the easier, more cost-effective maintenance features of a hard court - ClayTech Hybrid Surfaces. Like hard courts, ClayTech courts require little maintenance. An occasional sweep and spritz of water and the court is ready for play. The court only needs care just prior to play. ClayTech tennis courts are also more durable than hard courts.

Clay Tech Color ChoicesThe ClayTech surface is resistant to UV rays and freeze-thaw problems are nonexistent. During the hottest days of summer, ClayTech courts remain cooler than hard courts adding to player comfort. The surface covers holes and cracks and the polypropylene membrane contributes to a long life. Playing lines are painted in place during installation, and last for several years without attention. Available in red or green, ClayTech is the best of clay and hard courts rolled into one.

Playing tennis on a ClayTech court has several advantages. The consistently slower ball bounce results in longer rallies and a greater variety of strokes. Players learn a more controlled game by developing their strategy, skill and endurance. Additionally, the reduced risk of stress and injuries to knees, back and lower extremities allows avid players to play everyday without soreness or pain.

Sports Construction and Consulting

American Sports Builders Association MemberActive Sports' team of experienced professionals specializes in the construction, resurfacing, repair, and maintenance of hard and clay tennis courts. We offer construction, consulting and design services for residential, schools and universities, private clubs and public facilities.

  • New construction
  • Hard court resurfacing & repairs
  • Clay court top-dressing
  • Facility analysis & maintenance

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