Playmate iGenie Tennis Ball Machine

by Playmate
$ 7,495.00

Playmate iGenie

The Playmate iGenie Ball Machine for Club Members

The Playmate iGenie ball machine is the easiest machine to use. Just select a Player Level and Select Shots to play. Or, don't select anything and it will start feeding an Easy Rally Ball straight ahead.

Want to move around? Press the buttons on the picture of the tennis court to choose where to send the balls.

Playmate iGenie Direction

The Playmate iGenie Ball Machine for the Pro

Creating drills for groups is easy. Select a Player Level and then Select Shots in order. For example, hit Medium Player level, and then hit High Short Ball two times and then hit Lob two times. On the picture of the tennis court, Set Directions for a 2-line drill by pressing the button left of center and then the button right of center. That’s it! You have a 2-line group drill.

Includes iPhone/iPad Support

Want to do more with your ball machine? No problem, the Playmate iGenie ball machine includes iPlaymate Tennis for iPhone and iPad support. Create drills, save drills, track workouts, and compare results with others. Learn more about the included iPlaymate Tennis features.

Advanced Features

When using the Playmate iGenie ball machine, you can leave the lower door of the remote box closed. However if you would like to access more advanced features like Random you can simply open the lower door. By lowering the bottom door you gain the ability to adjust the height, speed, spin, and delay of the shot.

Features of the Playmate iGenie

  •  Ten distinct programmable shots, each with its own speed, spin, elevation and delay
  •  Ten programmable shot delays
  •  Programmable random shot sequence
  •  Holds 300 balls
  •  Variable topspin and backspin
  •  Intelligent direction patterns with programmable random
  •  Variable electronic height
  •  User-friendly controller
  •  Compatible with Playmate Serve Lift
  •  Two-function remote control (on/off with drill reset)
  •  Three-year limited parts warranty

A Closer Look at the Playmate iGenie

The iGenie control box closed for standard features.

Playmate Genie Control Box Open


The iGenie ball machine includes the iPlaymate Tennis!

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