Gamma Ball Hopper Pro 90

by Gamma
$ 49.99

Gamma Ball Hopper Pro 90

The Ball Hopper Pro® 90 is a re-engineered version of the Pro 80 that nests together to ship in a more compact space to shave shipping costs and to make storage easier for product owners while still providing greater ball capacity.

The Ball Hopper Pro® 90 features a steel frame with a reinforced, welded construction and a diamond clad weather resistant powder coating that makes it a high quality, durable ball pick up. 

Its well-designed lid prevents ball spilling and this hopper also comes with convenient padded handles that adjust from 28″ to 31″. Its handles in combination with its floating wire, lightweight design makes the Pro® 90 extremely easy to pick up, flip and maneuver, making it the perfect product for easy and efficient tennis ball feeding. 

Capacity: 90 Balls

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