Playmate Ball Mower

by Playmate
$ 595.00

Playmate Ball Mower


Active Sports carries the incredible Playmate Ball Mower, an essential aid for any tennis court facility.

Effortlessly pick up an entire court-full of tennis balls in seconds with the Playmate Mower. Easily fold the arms in to get through gates and in tight areas. Great for all court surfaces, including clay. Players get tired of picking up balls long before they tire of hitting them! Because tennis players are having more fun hitting balls, they will pay more for ball machine rentals.


Features of the Playmate Ball Mower

  • Folding arms to get through gates and between obstacles
  • Convenient compact storage
  • Basket can be elevated for feeding balls
  • Aircraft aluminum construction for optimal durability
  • 1-year limited parts warranty

If you're looking for Playmate Ball Mower Genuine Replacement Parts or Playmate Ball Machine Upgrades and  Accessories, we have them all!

A Closer Look at the Playmate Ball Mower

Playmate Ball Mowers Arms Conveniently Fold In
The arms fold in to fit between net posts, gates, and doorways.
Raised Basket on the Playmate Ball Mower
The basket can be elevated for easy ball feeding.
Close Up of Playmate Ball Mower Sturdy Construction
The Playmate Ball Mower is constructed to be durable.

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