PVC Tennis Umpire Chair

by Active Sports
$ 925.00

PVC Tennis Umpire Chair

This umpire chair is made of heavy-duty PVC, making it extremely durable and rot resistant. Its PVC construction makes it suitable for use at an outdoor tennis court or pool. Wheels on the rear allow the chair to be tipped back and easily moved.

The PVC Umpire Chair Canopy is sold separately.

A Closer Look at the PVC Umpire Chair

PVC Umpire Chair with 6 legs for stability and safety.
Side view showing 6-leg stability.
PVC Umpire Chair tipped back on transport wheels.
Tipped back on its wheels for mobility.
View of PVC Umpire Chair with optional canopy installed.
Optional canopy protects umpire from prolonged sun exposure.

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