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Tennis Court Surfaces

Tennis Court Windscreens at Active Sports

Tennis Court Windscreens

Tennis windscreens are a great addition to any court. They provide a professional look and feel to the court while providing numerous advantages to the court's players and owner. The predominant advantage is enhancing the players' performance and enjoyment. Windscreens serve as a great background for consistent tennis ball contrast, making it easier to spot during play. Windscreens also reduce outside distractions, especially in high traffic areas, and provide a welcomed level of privacy for all the courts occupants. At night, windscreens aid in keeping the inside generated light, inside the court and outside sources of light and glare, outside the court. Players also benefit from the reduction in cross wind breezes that can affect ball travel and otherwise drive them to inside facilities. Breezes and small gusts are effectively broken up to deliver a consistent air flow. Debris blowing into the court is greatly reduced benefiting the player with improved safety and the owner with reduced maintenance costs.

MasterScreen Open Mesh Windscreen 
MasterScreen Open Mesh Our most popular windscreen! Our polyester open mesh windscreen is made from vinyl-coated polyester mesh. It's extremely strong and manufactured to last with reinforced, heat-sealed hems. Custom cut to your specifications. Available in 6-foot and 9-foot heights. Numerous colors available.(70% opacity)
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MasterScreen Closed Mesh Windscreen 
MasterScreen Closed Mesh
Ideal for creating a visual backdrop or for hiding an unsightly area, our polyester closed mesh material is made from premium 10 oz. vinyl-coated polyester. Reinforced, heat-sealed hems with grommets every 12 inches. Available in dark green only. Available in 6-foot and 9-foot heights. (99% opacity)
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DuraScreen Open Mesh Windscreen 
DuraScreen Open Mesh
Our Durascreen open mesh windscreen is made of a vinyl-infused, flex-foamed mesh to give it a puffy appearance and causes it to lay very nicely on the surface of the fence. Manufactured with reinforced, heat-sealed hems for added durability. Available in 6-foot and 9-foot heights. (80% opacity)
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DuraScreen Closed Mesh Windscreen 
DuraScreen Closed Mesh
Our Durascreen closed mesh windscreen is made of a vinyl-infused, flex-foamed mesh to give it a puffy appearance and causes it to lay very nicely on the surface of the fence. Added opacity for greater coverage. Available in 6-foot and 9-foot heights. (95% opacity)
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PolyScreen Open Mesh Windscreen 
PolyScreen Open Mesh
This windscreen is made from Leno-polypropylene material that does not absorb moisture and is UV-resistant. Its Leno weave is resistant to tearing and works well in severe wind conditions. Standard colors are dark green, black, and blue. (75% opacity)
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PolyScreen Closed Mesh Windscreen 
PolyScreen Closed Mesh
A great site barrier and background material, our polypropylene closed mesh is very durable and withstands the elements well. It does not absorb moisture and is UV-resistant. Manufactured with reinforced hems and grommets every 12 inches. (95% opacity)
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Tuffy Open Mesh Windscreen 
Tuffy® Open Mesh
Made of Vipol™ Matrix Material, a super-durable open mesh fabric of tightly woven micro-fibers, Tuffy® open mesh windscreen is extremely tough as the name implies. Finished with double-needle lock stitching. Available in 6-foot or 9-foot standard heights. Ideal for a custom logo. (78% opacity)
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TwinScreen Windscreen 
The ultimate windscreen for outdoor tennis, our TwinScreen has a center section of heavy duty vinyl with 100% opacity for added privacy and ball perception and a bottom and top section of polyester open mesh windscreen material with 70% opacity. Available in 9-foot height only.
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DIY Windscreen Rolls 
DIY Easy to Install Rolls
A low-cost alternative to custom windscreens. Made of knitted polyethylene that does not fray. Do it yourself: roll it out, cut to the desired size, and even cut air vents. Green or black.
 • 6-foot Windscreen Roll: (120 feet) WROLP6
 • 9-foot Windscreen Roll: (120 feet) WROLP9
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Windscreen Air Vent Options
Air vents reduce the amount of stress windscreens place on a fence, especially during high winds. They are recommended every ten linear feet on 9-foot tall windscreens.

Windscreen Boxed Vent Boxed Air Vents
These air vents are reinforced with webbing at edges and allow air to pass from both directions.

Windscreen Die Cut Vent Die Cut Air Vents
Die cut air vents are heat sealed and only allow air flow one direction. For polyester windscreens only.

Windscreen Logo Samples Custom Logos
There's no better way to promote your facility or team, or to identify a sponsor, than with a custom logo display right on your windscreen. A windscreen logo is highly visible and makes great use of an otherwise blank surface. We can print your logo directly onto the surface of the windscreen for durability. Printing is available in any size and in a multitude of colors.

Quick Reference Guides
Windscreen Comparision Chart Windscreen Comparison Chart

Windscreen Comparision Chart Windscreen Measuring Instructions

Sports Construction and Consulting

Active Sports' team of experienced professionals specializes in the design, construction, updating and maintenance of tennis court facilities. We offer design, analysis, and installation of tennis court windscreen systems for all types of applications including residential, schools and universities, private clubs and public organizations.

American Sports Builders Member  • New construction
 • Renovation and updating of existing facilities
 • Analysis and design of windscreen solutions
 • Custom windscreen and logos
 • Facility analysis & maintenance

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