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placeholderActive Sports carries a variety of tennis court scarification equipment, including hand and tow models from Court Devil and others, to help you keep your tennis court in top playing condition.Click on the Ordering Details buttons to buy on-line.

Tennis Court Scarification Equipment

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Court Rake

The Court Rake is designed to loosen and groom the court surface with narrow spring steel teeth. When used on a regular basis, the Court Rake will keep the court surface smooth and growth problems to a minimum. The Court Rake can be safely pulled over the line tapes and has a built-in fence and net guard. The Court Rake is 73 inches long and weighs 35 lbs. Available in hand and tow models.

Tennis Court Tow Rake

Base Product ID SLCR
Tow Model - $659.95
Handle Model - $659.95
Replacement Teeth - $308.95

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