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Tennis Court Surfaces
Tennis Lighting Systems Tennis Optics Logo

Tennis Optics™

Tennis Optics™ Sports Lighting systems are dependable and strong. Their superior optics and unmatched beam utilization deliver the optimal lighting achievable under any conditions. Tennis Optics™ advanced design affords maximum lighting at the tennis court surface while reducing unwanted glare. This creates a comfortable tennis playing environment ideal for residential, high school, college and tennis club courts. They even use low wattage bulbs making them the perfect, energy efficient, solution for any tennis court lighting application.

Tennis Optics™ systems come in both the Professional series and the superior Advantage™ series. The Advantage™ series provides higher levels of light with lower wattage bulbs. You see the tennis ball more clearly and you save! Tennis Optics™ uses its VISION reflector and a unique lamp alignment to throw the maximum amount of light to the tennis court surface. Typically, 150 foot-candles, which exceeds the U.S. Tennis Association's court lighting recommendations.

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Tennis Optics™ Advantage Series

The Advantage Series by Tennis Optics™ provides higher levels of light with lower wattage bulbs. It uses a VISION reflector and a unique lamp alignment to throw the maximum amount of light to the court surface.
 • Produces the highest lighting levels available
 • Lights the tennis court, not the sky
 • Has exceptional uniformity
 • Lowers energy costs/overall operational costs

Tennis Optics™ Professional Series

The Professional Series by Tennis Optics™ is known for its proven durability and consistent performance at an exceptional value.
 • Advanced design
 • Reliable performance
 • Aesthetically pleasing, low-mounted fixtures
 • Uniform lighting over the entire tennis court

LSI Courtsider Systems

LSI Courtsider Sports Lighting™

LSI Logo

LSI is a company known for its tennis court lighting solutions and offers very precise, brilliant performance that's free of glare and easy to install with modular mounting. The LSI Courtsider employs a Forward Throw Reflector design with 1000 watt Metal Halide lamps to provide optimal tennis court lighting with efficiency and longer life. Customers may also choose the energy saving 875 watt or 750 watt pulse start metal halide versions. The one-piece housing is rectangular in shape with square welded corners, and is finished with a baked-on polyester-powder. This unique finish can withstand extreme weather changes without cracking or peeling and is guaranteed for five years.

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LSI Courtsider Series

The LSI Courtsider employs a Forward Throw Reflector with a concealed light source to provide a sharp cutoff to eliminate unwanted glare.
 • Uniform light distribution over the entire court
 • Forward Throw reflector system eliminates stray light
 • On-piece aluminum housing eliminates moisture penetration
 • Available with energy saving pulse-start metal halide bulbs

Sports Construction and Consulting

Active Sports' team of experienced professionals specializes in the design, construction, updating and maintenance of tennis court facilities. We offer design, analysis, and installation of tennis court lighting systems for all types of applications including residential, schools and universities, private clubs and public organizations.

American Sports Builders Member  • New construction
 • Renovation and updating of existing facilities
 • Analysis and design of lighting solutions
 • Tennis Optics™ and LSI Courtsider systems
 • Facility analysis & maintenance

Contact us for product information and pricing. 1-800-322-2848 or