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placeholderActive Sports carries a variety of tennis court rollers including the CourtPac, Tow Rollers, ServiceAce and hand rollers as well as replacement roller brush assemblies. Click on the "Add to Cart" button to buy on-line.

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ServAce Alloy Roller Utility Cart

The fastest and quietest roller on the market, the ServAce is capable of rolling and grooming an entire court in as little as three minutes. It is built on a battery driven, direct drive ClubCar for additional ruggedness and dependability and can roll up to 18 courts with one charge. The ServAce Alloy allows you to roll and brush in one operation utilizing a 4′ center-pivoting grade broom and an 80″ drag broom. With a simple flick of a switch, the roller unit can be lowered and raised to a multitude of pressure settings. The PVC roller makes for extremely quiet operation.

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CourtPac Tennis Court Roller

ServAce Alloy Roller Utility Cart
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