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Playmate Ball Machines
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placeholderActive Sports carries all the Playmate™ Ace and Chameleon Series accessories and upgrades you need to keep your ball machine operating optimally. Click on the "Add to Cart" button to buy on-line.

Playmate Ball Mower Accessories

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Playmate™ iSmash Control Box

Upgrade your Chameleon Series Playmate. The iSmash control box turns your machine into a machine that is easy for club members to use. Making the change is as easy as unplugging a single wire.

Features of the Playmate™ iSmash Control Box

  • • Variable topspin and backspin
  • • 7 position programmable electronic direction with programmable random
  • • Variable electronic height
  • • Extremely user-friendly

Playmate™ Control Box Compatabilities

  • • Please note that the control boxes are only interchangeable within the Chameleon Series.
  • • The Ace is not part of the Chameleon Series and will not accept upgrades.
  • • All Chameleon Series ball machines will accept the Smash control box.
  • • The GrandSlam will accept all Chameleon boxes. However, no other machines can be upgraded to a GrandSlam.
Playmate iSmash Control Box

Product ID PBS01CB
MSRP $535.00

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