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Playmate Ball Machines
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placeholderActive Sports carries all the Playmate™ Portable Series accessories and upgrades you need to keep your ball machine operating optimally. Click on the "Add to Cart" button to buy on-line.

Playmate Portable Series Accessories

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Playmate™ 6-Hour Battery Pack Upgrade

One of the unique features of the Playmate™ Half Volley and Volley machines are their exterior, removable battery packs. This is a great feature that allows removal of the battery pack for convenient charging elsewhere. The ball machine can stay on the court or in your garage.

Purchase this battery pack to upgrade the 3-hour pack on the Half Volley, to have a spare for either model, or to replace one that is worn out.

Playmate Portable 6-Hour Battery Pack

A Closer Look at the Playmate™ 6-Hour Battery Pack

Playmate Portable Battery Removal
The battery pack is easy to remove.

Product ID PPU6HB
MSRP $184.09

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