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Playmate Ball Machines
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placeholderActive Sports carries Playmate™ Ball Mower parts and accessories so you can keep it clean, dry and operating smoothly. Click on the "Add to Cart" button to buy on-line.

Playmate Ball Mower Accessories

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Playmate™ Ball Mower Replacement Wheels

Keep your Playmate Ball Mower up and running with these replacement wheels.

Please Note: There are two separate large spoke wheels: one is directly connected to the axle via a bolt (the drive wheel) and one floats (float wheel). The additional images will help you to identify which wheel you need.

Playmate Ball Mower Replacement Wheels

A Closer Look at the Playmate™ Ball Mower Wheels

Playmate Ball Mower Replacement Free Wheel   Playmate Ball Mower Replacement Fixed Wheel   Playmate Ball Mower Replacement Caster
Float Spoke Wheel
(non drive)
  Drive Spoke Wheel
(bolts to axle)
  Caster Wheel

Product ID PMRW
Float spoke wheel - $40.95
(non drive)
Drive spoke wheel - $40.95
(bolts to axle)
Caster wheel - $22.61

You have 0 items in your cart.
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