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Tennis Court Products


Active Sports carries Penn Coach, Pro Penn Marathon, Penn Pressureless, Penn Quickstart and Gamma Quick Kids tennis balls all in money saving bulk quantities. Click on the "Add to Cart" button to buy on-line.

Practice Tennis Balls

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Gamma Quick Kids 78 Tennis Balls

Gamma Quick Kids 78 balls are medium to high compression balls with reduced bounce. They are designed as training tennis balls for kids moving from a 60-foot court to full court play. The lower bounce keeps the ball in front of the player providing more time to react and set up each shot for more consistency and control during training. Quick Kids 78 balls conform to the ITF Stage 1 specification.

25% Reduced Speed

  • • For kids ages 10 and up on a 78-foot full court
  • • Reduced bounce and 25% slower than a standard ball
  • • Two-tone color scheme visually aids in spin
  • • Softer feel than standard tennis ball
  • • Perfect teaching ball for any developing player
Gamma Quick Kids 78 Tennis Balls

Product ID PAGB78-60
$80.99 (pack of 60 balls)

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