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placeholderActive Sports carries Bakko tennis backboards and rebound nets including the Economy Flat, Slimline Flat, Professional and Curve series. Click on the "Add to Cart" button to buy on-line.

Tennis Backboards and Rebound Nets

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Bakko Indoor Free Standing Rebound Net

Bakko’s net series are by far the most popular rebound net on the market. While net backboards don’t have the lively rebound of a fiberglass backboard, they are absolutely quiet, less expensive and can be assembled in an hour. Rebound nets also work better for smaller areas because they allow you to stand closer to the backboard. Many tennis professionals will start beginners on a net backboard because it is not as lively; experienced players also like them because they allow for more time to focus on stroke and form. Perfect for winter practices in colder climates, indoor recreation centers and even racquet distributors at tennis shows. Popular for driveways, tennis courts and any flat surface. Overall size: 7.9′ x 12½′.

Key features of the Bakko Indoor Free Standing Net:

  • • High-quality outdoor netting (7 x 11)
  • • Powder-coated black steel tube frame
  • • Less hitting distance required
  • • Portable and absolutely quiet
  • • Not cost prohibitive
  • • Net feet project 4′ forward and backward
  • • Designed to accommodate indoor garage or basement as low as 8′
Bakko Indoor Free Standing Rebound Net


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